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What do Winston Churchill and Prince Charles have in common? They are both avid farmers! In fact, farming is a huge part of British culture. If you're visiting the United Kingdom, be sure to check out one of the many farms or farmers markets. You'll get to experience firsthand the country's rich agricultural heritage. Plus, you'll get to buy some delicious local produce!

Did you know that people in the UK buy farm food from farmers every day? It's true! Whether they do it at a farmers market, a vending machine, or a farm shop, people prefer the freshness of farm-grown produce.

In fact, many people believe that buying food from local farmers is one of the best ways to support the local economy and help keep our communities strong. Not to mention, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is great for your health!

So next time you're shopping for groceries, why not try buying some farm food? You'll be amazed at how delicious it is!

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United Kingdom Farmers Markets

  • United Kingdom - Berkshire (South East England) - Windsor
    First Saturday of the month 09:00am 1:00pm
    Offered Products

    Baked goods, cheese, coffee, meat, gin, wine,  honey, vegetables, fruits, Brazilian, Italian and Portuguese food, sauces, chutneys, jams, jellies, craft products

  • United Kingdom - Berkshire (South East England) - Newbury
    1st Sunday of the month 08:30am 1:30pm
    Offered Products

    Pies, charcuterie, vegetables, pastries, fish, meat, fish, fruits, ciders, gin, doughnuts, Brazilian and Portuguese food

  • United Kingdom - London - London
    Every Sunday 10 AM - 4PM
    Offered Products

    Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, cakes, biscuits, cheeses, pies, charcuterie, olives, pasta, sauces, biltong, milk, kimchi, honey, flowers, bone broth, doggy deli, olive oils, ice cream, coffee, juices, kombucha, wines, beer

  • United Kingdom - Berkshire (South East England) - Reading
    First & Third Saturday of the month 8:30am 12:30pm
    Offered Products

    Honey, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, baked goods, coffee,  Brazilian, Italian and Portuguese food, ciders, gin, cheese, mushrooms, cheese, preserves, craft products

  • United Kingdom - Berkshire (South East England) - Ascot
    Third Sunday of the month 8:30 13:30
    Offered Products

    Honey, gin, eggs, vegetables, craft products, coffee, baked products, mushrooms, fruits, wines, gin, cheese, fish, Brazilian, Italian Indian and Portuguese food

  • United Kingdom - Surrey (South West England) - Ripley (Woking)
    Second Saturday of the month from 9AM to 1PM
    Offered Products

    Meat, butter, cheese, coffee, beer, gin, vegetables, wine, chili products, baked goods, mushrooms, plants, goats milk products, fish, herbs

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