Farmers Markets Directory

There's nothing like biting into a crisp, juicy apple picked straight from the tree. Farmers markets near me offer the freshest fruits and vegetables, as well as locally made products such as honey, cheese, and bread from the local farmers near me. The prices are usually cheaper than at the grocery store, and you can be sure that the food is fresh. Visiting farmers markets is a fun way to support your local community and as fun as apple picking near me So what are you waiting for? Head to your local farmers market and stock up on all the delicious produce your heart desires!
Pros and Const of buying and farmers markets
  • United Kingdom - London - Brockley (London)
    Saturdays 10am–2pm
    Offered Products

    Seafood, fish, biscuits and cakes, wines, cocktails, beer, dairy products, coffee, teas, bread, cheeses, pies, pasta, ice cream, charcuterie, spices and herbs, plants, flowers, meats, game and poultry, condiments, preserves

  • United Kingdom - Durham, North East England - Sedgefield (Stockton-on-Tees)
    Every first Sunday of the month from 8.30am to 12.30pm
    Offered Products

    Bread, drinks and beverages, meats, vegetables, handmade pies, pastries and cakes, fish, spices, cheeses

  • United Kingdom - London - Bromley
    1st Saturday every month 10am – 2pm
    Offered Products

    Jams, chutneys, honey, cakes, apple juice, pies, sausage, vegetable rolls, pesto, wine, beer, bread, pastries, dips, doughnuts, chili, fish, plants, coffee, craft products

  • United Kingdom - Oxfordshire (South East England) - Summertown (Oxford)
    Offered Products

    Meat, vegetables, cheese, street food, craft products, salads, jams, marmalade, chutneys, beer, baked goods, eggs, plants, fruit, bread, olive oil

  • United Kingdom - Kent (South Eeast England) - Crockenhill (Swanley)
    1st & 3rd Monday every month 10am -12pm
    Offered Products

    Meat, pies and pasties, fruit, vegetables, eggs, bread, baked goods, plants, craft products

  • United Kingdom - Sussex (Sout East England) - Lewes
    Every Friday 9.00am - 1.00pm
    Offered Products

    Breads, vegetables, pies, Indian food, meat, cheese, coffee, fish, flowers, olive oil, pudding, salads, game, cakes, baked goods, micro-greens, pantry essentials

  • United Kingdom - Kent (South East England) - Whitstable
    1st Sunday every month
    Offered Products

    Crepes, cakes, preserves, olives, chutneys, marmalades, jams, dog treats, homewares, craft products

  • United Kingdom - Cornwall (South West England) - St. Ives
    Every Thursday 9:30am - 2pm
    Offered Products

    Fish, meats, vegetables, baked goods, plants, alcoholic drinks, crafts, coffee, tea, honey, preserves, baked goods, rum, cider

  • United Kingdom - Kent (South East England) - Margate
    Last Sunday of the month 10am 1pm
    Offered Products

    Meat, pies, vegetables, fruit, cheese, bread, eggs, cakes, fudge, honey, marshmallows, preserves, game, juices, olives, oils, vinegars, fish, shell fish, Russian food, Hungarian specialities, smoked fish, cookies, ginger wine, teas, meringues, tarts, coffee, patisseries, plants, hanging baskets, fleeces

  • United Kingdom - Kent (South East England) - Bridge (Canterbury)
    2nd and 4th Saturday of every month 9am - 12noon
    Offered Products

    Meat, plants, honey, soap, craft products, vegetables, bread, cheesecakes, olives, eggs, chutneys, tea, wines, jams, baked products, coffee, ciders, preserves

  • United Kingdom - Kent (South East England) - Bearsted (Maidstone)
    1st Sunday every month 9:30am - 1:30pm
    Offered Products

    Plants, honey, coffee, dairy products, chocolate, baked goods, wine, ciders, beer, meat, cakes, bread, pastries, fish, seafood, flowers, marinades, craft products, vegetables, fruit, eggs

  • United Kingdom - Northamptonshire (East Middlands) - Higham Ferrers
    Last Saturday of each month 9am - 1pm December: last available Saturday before Christmas
    Offered Products

    Pies, eggs, poultry, fish, pork, lamb, Panjab cuisine, crayfish fishcakes, pickles, chilli sauces, bread, fruit, vegetables, bird food, honey, preserves, hot drinks and snacks, plants, baked goods

  • United Kingdom - West Yorkshire (Yorkshire and the Humber) - Headingley (Leeds)
    2nd Saturday of each month 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
    Offered Products

    Bread, cakes, dairy products, cheeses, meat, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables, preserves, plants, craft products, coffee

  • United Kingdom - Worcestershire (West Midlands) - Malvern
    Third Saturday of every month from 9am until 2pm
    Offered Products

    Fruit, vegetables, salads, breads, cheeses, meats, street food, chocolate, spices and sauces, plants, preserves, honey

  • United Kingdom - Somerset (South West England) - Minehead
    Every Friday 8.30am - 1pm
    Offered Products

    Bread, cakes, fish, pork, venison, poultry, eggs, cheese, plants, vegetables, flowers, chutney, beer, plants herbs, chocolate, tea, coffee, apple juice, cider

  • United Kingdom - Hertfordshire (East England) - Tring
    Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, 9am - 12:30pm December: generally the first and third depending on how Christmas falls within the month
    Offered Products

    Meat, eggs, bacon, cakes, biscuits, preserves, pies, vegetables, cheese, fish, plants, jewellery, crafts

  • United Kingdom - Kent (South East England) - Maidstone
    2nd Sunday of the month between 9am and 1pm
    Offered Products

    Fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, bread, cheese, chutneys, game, craft products, olives, dog treats, cakes, plants

  • United Kingdom - Kent - West Malling
    4th  Sunday of the month from 9:30am to 1:30pm
    Offered Products

    Meats, fruit, vegetables and cheeses, breads, cakes, fish, dairy products, jams, chutneys, marmalades, plants, herbs, juices and drinks, crafts

  • United Kingdom - London - London
    Every Sunday 10 AM - 4PM
    Offered Products

    Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, cakes, biscuits, cheeses, pies, charcuterie, olives, pasta, sauces, biltong, milk, kimchi, honey, flowers, bone broth, doggy deli, olive oils, ice cream, coffee, juices, kombucha, wines, beer

  • United Kingdom - North West England - Brampton (Carlisle)
    Last Saturday of the month  900am-1:30pm
    Offered Products

    Meat, poultry, eggs, plants and herbs, baked goods, fish, preserves, cheese, craft products

  • United Kingdom - Suffolk (Cumbria, North West England) - Bury St Edmunds
    Every Saturday 9AM until 1PM
    Offered Products

    Breads, cakes and pastries, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, fresh milk, cheese, pies, craft products, vegan ready meals, beer, gins and liqueurs, ciders, dog treats, quail eggs, preserves, pasta

  • United Kingdom - North West England - Macclesfield
    Last Sunday of each month, apart from December when it always falls on a Sunday before Christmas. 10am-3.30pm
    Offered Products

    Cheese, tea, coffee, baked goods, honey, cooked meals, plants, meat, pasta, preserves, beer, juice, gin, vodka, rum, fruits, craft products

  • United Kingdom - Kent - Wye
    Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 9am - 12 midday
    Offered Products

    Bread and cakes, pies, fish, game, meat, dairy, flowers, plants and herbs, fruits, vegetables, salads, cheese, preserves, craft products

  • United Kingdom - Northumberland (North East England) - Morpeth
    First Saturday of the month 09:00am - 3:00pm
    Offered Products

    Bread, sausages, honey, ginger wine, ham, shellfish, beer, plants, coffee, baked goods, game

  • United Kingdom - West Midlands - Birmingham
    Second Saturday of every month 9AM - 1.30PM
    Offered Products

    Meat and poultry, baked goods, coffee, teas, wines, cheese, sauces and ketchups, spicy seasoning, cider, chocolates, fruits, juices, fruit trees and flowers, honey, fish, vegetables and salads, jams, marmalades, chutneys, pizza

  • United Kingdom - Kent (South East England) - Shipbourne (Tonbridge)
    Every Thursday 9-11am
    Offered Products

    Baked goods, coffee, wine and spirits, fish, meat and poultry, fruits, cereals, jam, fruit juice, nuts, eggs, vegetables, herbs, cheese, craft products

  • United Kingdom - South West England - Bristol
    Every Wednesday from 9am to 2.30pm
    Offered Products

    Pies, bread, cakes, cheese, meat and poultry, fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, eggs

  • United Kingdom - Kent (South East England) - Canterbury
    Tuesday to Saturday: 9am – 7pm (Winter closing 6pm) Sunday: 10am – 4pm Closed Monday
    Offered Products

    Vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, baked goods, wine, cocktails, pasta, Italian food

  • United Kingdom - Wales - Heol y Felin (Cardiff)
    Fridays 10:00am - 1:00pm
    Offered Products

    Jam, chutney, honey, bread, cakes, pastries, eggs, meat, poultry, cheese, coffee, vegetables, pies

  • United Kingdom - Wales - Cardiff
    Saturdays 9:30am - 1:00pm
    Offered Products

    Eggs, cheese, butter, meat and poultry, baked goods, jam, chutney, honey, coffee, preserves, vegetables, plants, street food, craft products