The Ultimate Apple Buying Guide: How to Find Your Flavourful Counterpart

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The Ultimate Apple Buying Guide: How to Find Your Flavourful Counterpart
If asked in a pub quiz how many varietes of apples would you say there exist? The number you can find out in the article below, but in one you can be sure: some of them can be so different from each other that you wouldn’t believe it’s the same fruit.

Most of the Farmlovers could name at least 3 varieties of apples, while the most knowledgeable among you could probably name 20-30 varieties. However, no one in the world could name all of the staggering 7,500 different varieties of apple that exist today! If you ate a different apple every day, it would take you six years to taste them all.

Unfortunately, our supermarkets usually only stock about 2-4 varieties of apple. If you want to explore a wider range, you would have to consider planting your own orchard or finding local apple farmers in your area.

This article will serve as a comprehensive exploration of the diverse universe of apple varieties. We will look at the most common apple varieties and their culinary uses.

But before we embark on our journey through the world of apples, let's take a brief look at the fascinating history of this delicious fruit.

A Brief Overview of the Historical Journey of the Apple

The apple, a fruit with a fascinating evolutionary and migratory history, has roots that go back to the heart of Central Asia, to Kazakhstan to be precise. The very name of the country's capital, Alma Ata, translates as "full of apples", which emphasises the ancient importance of the fruit in this region.

Around 1500 BC, apple seeds began their journey to Europe, where they found fertile soil and friendly hands. Among the first to cultivate apples in Europe were the Romans and the Greeks, who recognised the potential of this remarkable fruit.

However, the apple's journey did not end on European shores. European colonists played a crucial role in introducing the apple to North America. In 1625, a man named William Blaxton planted the first apple orchard on the continent, marking the beginning of an enduring love affair between Americans and this fruit.

From the beginning to today, apples have maintained their popularity, combining the timeless qualities of the past with the innovations of the modern age. Today's apples are a delicious testament to their rich history and reflect the harmonious marriage of tradition and progress.

October heralds the apple harvest season, a time when orchards overflow with a colourful variety of this beloved fruit. In the UK, apples are turned into cider, desserts and culinary delights. Join us on a journey through the orchards and discover the ten most important apple varieties that can be found in our markets and in our homes.

Golden Delicious

  • Appearance: Golden yellow or pale green with varying spots, conical shape.
  • Flavor Profile: Taste varies based on climate—less acidic in temperate regions, higher acidity in cold areas.
  • Availability: Late summer to fall, grown worldwide.
  • Enjoy: Versatile for salads or desserts.

Gala Apple

  • Appearance: Stripy red exterior, light yellow interior, smaller size.
  • Flavor Profile: Delicate vanilla notes.
  • Availability: Year-round due to early harvest.
  • Enjoy: Ideal for snacking, baking, or salads.

Granny Smith Apple

  • Appearance: Distinctive bright green color.
  • Flavor Profile: Slightly acidic and juicy, stores well.
  • Availability: Year-round.
  • Enjoy: All-purpose, great raw or in various dishes.

Fuji Apple

  • Appearance: Variations of crimson and pink.
  • Flavor Profile: Among the sweetest apples, a blend of Red Delicious and Ralls Janet.
  • Availability: October to June in various countries.
  • Enjoy: Delicious raw or in pies and salads.

Braeburn Apple

  • Appearance: Red and green mix, easily recognizable.
  • Flavor Profile: Quality influenced by growing conditions, thrives in warmer climates.
  • Availability: November in suitable climates, stores well.
  • Enjoy: Best enjoyed fresh.

Pink Lady Apple

  • Appearance: Reddish-pink blush.
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet-tart balance.
  • Availability: Early to mid-October through July.
  • Enjoy: Chilled for extra flavor, suitable for cooking.


  • Appearance: Green with red patches.
  • Flavor Profile: Exceptionally sour, perfect for cooking.
  • Availability: September through October.
  • Enjoy: Excellent for pies and desserts.

Jazz Apple

  • Appearance: Red with green patches.
  • Flavor Profile: Crispy with a buttery taste.
  • Availability: Year-round, grown globally.
  • Enjoy: Great for snacking or baking.

Empire Apple

  • Appearance: Maroon-red with a green background.
  • Flavor Profile: Crunchy and bright white flesh.
  • Availability: September to October, can be stored.
  • Enjoy: Ideal for eating fresh or making sauce and juice.

Spartan Apple

  • Appearance: Small and widely grown in the UK.
  • Flavor Profile: Succulent and juicy, popular for apple juice.
  • Availability: Early to mid-October, long shelf life.
  • Enjoy: Best fresh, also excellent for pies and juice.

Did you know that there is an astonishing variety of apples, over 7,500 different types? When most people think of apples, they think of the familiar red and green varieties. But the world of apples goes far beyond these common colours and offers a spectrum that includes bright yellows and even fascinating blues. Each apple variety has its own characteristics, and some are better suited to certain purposes than others.

For example, consider the delightful contrast between those who enjoy the comforting appeal of baked apple creations such as apple sauce or pie, and those who find pure joy in picking a fresh, crisp apple straight from the tree.

If your craving for apples has been whetted, you can embark on a delightful adventure by exploring apple farms in your neighbourhood. Whether you prefer to pick your own apples among the orchards or have them conveniently delivered to your home, the world of apples is waiting for you to discover it.

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